Super Server

High Performance Server

Super Server

High Performance Server

The operation of software commonly used these days either in computer forensic laboratories or any type of lab requires a powerful server. In order to take full advantage of the software a high-performance hardware is required to ensure fast data processing and fast data transfer to and from the storage.

“Our Super Servers live up to their name, with up to 24 tera­bytes of RAM, several petabytes of hard disk capacity and 8 processors. They are among the most powerful devices on the market.”

Special adaptations can be made to make the SuperServer to exactly fit your requirements! Making it an outstand­ing example of how much power modern IT systems can deliver.

This turnkey server has all your requested software pre-installed, tested and certified. All our servers undergo 24-hour stress testing ensuring smooth operation upon delivery at your premises.

 In addition to the standard variations PRO, MEGA and PAN we can also configure components according to your individual needs. Please contact us for more information.


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