Smartwatch Analysis - A new dimension in your investigation

Smartwatches are the #1 wearable device with many millions of users around the globe, and it’s an even more personal device than the mobile phone. MOBILedit Forensic can extract heartbeat details, which gives you an intimate look into the user’s life. This data reveals moments of excitement, stress, and even time of death. In cases when the phone is unavailable, or data was deleted from the phone, you can still reach crucial data from the smartwatch.

The personal data found in smartwatches can lead your investigation in the right direction. For a successful and complete investigation, examining smartwatches is a necessity.

Activity tracking extracted from Garmin watchActivity details from Garmin watch

You don’t have tools to examine smartwatches yet? With MOBILedit Forensic and Smartwatch Kit you will have the complete solution for smartwatch data analysis! 

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