PC-3000 Mobile

The PC-3000 Mobile – a hardware-software system to recover data from smartphones and tablets!

Mobile devices have rightfully earned their place as an essential part of our life. Indeed, could you imagine your day without a mobile phone or a tablet? We use them to communicate, to study/work, to have fun… And damaging them and losing data may become a tragedy.

On the other side, criminals use portable devices too. And it often becomes crucial to extract evidence from their storage media! But the recovery process is complicated by the fact that smartphones and tablets are themselves very complex. Besides, with frequent OS updates and enhancements, they become more and more sophisticated.

This is the kind of problem that every vendor of data recovery and digital forensics products have faced in the latest years. And that’s why it is important to have at your disposal every tool that can help you with data recovery and investigations!


  • Work with damaged devices
  • Recover data with high-/Iow-level access & chip-off
  • Analyze content
  • Export data & get the reports

Several ways of accessing data:

High-level access: to connect the mobile devices by conventional means with a cable
In-depth research: to get access to data with a Chip-Off method
Imaged files upload: to continue working with previously created images

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